Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Second Coming?

Watching the news last night... They said America is definately not in an economic recession. That cheered me up. I was confused by the run away inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. Seeing the 3rd largest financial firm in the country go belly up also had me confused. I tell you, without the good people in establishment media making six figures a year to tell us how things really are I don't know what the hell we'd do.

A few days ago we marked the 5 year aniversery of our VICTORY in Iraq! Sound bite from the Commander in Thief (Oops! Sorry, that's chief right?) talking about how great things are going over there. There was another from the vice president describing the post surge security situation as phenominal.

Many are the blessings.

Yeasterday afternoon as I was driving in to work, I spotted a car covered with peace symbols and bumper stickers. One said, "Impeach the President." Yet another said, "Bush Lied!" But the best of all was a small one in the right corner of the windshield that said, "Never Thought I'd Miss Nixon."

Damned ingrate!

What are people like that thinking? Don't they listen to the news? Aren't they, I mean informed? Well, in the end I'm not worried. A new election cycle is on the horizon and there's every indication the Democrats with snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as they always do, thus insuring the status quo! Go! Go! Status Quo!

Hosannahs are shouted! Bibles are thumped!

The hours come round at last! And Look there...Is that a rough beast I see slouching?

Whew! sorry I got a little worked up there...Until next time

Keep the faith.

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