Monday, June 30, 2008

Deer Hunting With Jesus

About a week ago I read one of the best books to come my way in quite some time. The title is "Deer Hunting With Jesus" and the author is Joe Bageant. Joe grew up in a small town in Virginia and is one of those rare few who manage to get out and spend some time in America's larger cities.

Somewhere around 2000 he moved back home and was shocked to discover that the people he grew up with were the same folks who put George W. Bush in power. It was bewildering to him, as it is for most folks that live in urban areas, and in his book he takes a hard look at why.

I think this volume should be required reading for every progressive in this country. At the very least, people in urban areas should read the chapter about the issue of gun control. I fear if they do not, and they continue to lack an understanding of the importance of gun ownership in rural areas, then they can surrender all hope of ever exercising political power.

I was so impressed by Mr. Bageant's book that I actually wrote him a letter and was thrilled when he not only took the time to reply but posted the letter on his website. You can read both my letter and Joe Bageant's response here.

I would encourage anyone who enjoys good writing to also take a look at the numerous essays that are posted on the site as well. I think you'll find many of them are as funny as they are thought provoking.

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