Thursday, July 10, 2008

The New Mac!

A couple of weeks ago I threw down a bit of cash and picked up a new I-Mac. It's not everyday that you can spend the kind of money that I spent on this machine and not have buyers remorse. The new beast is everything I hoped it would be. I'm loving the 24 inch monitor and all the I-life sorftware. The upgrades to I-Movie alone make this machine worth it. I know it's something of a cliche' but why in the world would anyone buy a PC?

Just to the left of the new machine you can see my old E-mac still humming along. It's now six years old and still going strong. I bought my first Mac back in 1996 and traded it to a friend of mine for a laptop in 2001 when I moved aboard the sailboat. I asked him just the other day what happened to that machine. He said he sold it to a guy down the street from him that still uses it as a word processor and internet connection. Thirteen year old computer!

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