Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New section of the Town Branch Trail!

A new section of the Town Branch Trail has begun! Over the last two weeks I've been out taking pictures documenting the progress so far... These first few pics show some of the earth moving equipment creating the beginnings of the trail, there is also a shot of the trails current end point at Alexandria Drive...

This morning when I walked over I found that a compacted layer of gravel had been put down... A sure sign that a finished, paved section of trail is just days away.

Here is a wide angle shot that shows the gravel trail and two beautiful old sycamore trees at the back of Mare Haven Subdivision.

The new section of trail has a fantastic pond that's a relic of the railroad era. It's a man made body of water that trains could fill tanks from back in the age of steam. The trail arcs around and above offering the hiker a wonderful view of the pond as well as the farm land just to the other side of the tracks.

The banks of the pond are alive with bullfrogs and turtles. Fish can also be seen splashing about in the middle...

On the south side of the pond is an old spillway that keeps the pond true to its appropriate level. Well fenced for safety reasons, its man made falls and old mechanical pipes make for an interesting wide angle shot.

Here's a shot of an old tree and the ruins of a small section of fence, the other picture is a peek through the foliage at the old railroad tracks that run parallel with the Town Branch Trail...

I'll wrap up this post with a massive wide angle shot of the trail, the pond, and some of the homes of Mare Haven Subdivision. It's the kind of thing that looks good scrolling across a widescreen computer monitor. Don't have one of those? Not to worry, just get up off the couch and hike down Town Branch Trail... This view and others like it are available to you at any time.

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