Monday, April 26, 2010

The Children's Hour

I just purchased this collage from artist Robert Hugh Hunt. The title is The Children's Hour and it's 8"x 9" on paper. I thought I would post a few detail pics of it here on the blog. As always just click on the pictures to enlarge to full screen.

As you can see, Robert really gets in there and distresses the surfaces to create these collages. I was lucky to know him and study with him twenty years ago at Eastern. His collages were always interesting, sort of a Kurt Schwitters approach, coupled with a tendency to appropriate found objects with a eye toward southern gothic. As wonderful as the collage pieces are, the drawings that he does are even stronger. He has good eye for composition and a willingness to unleash his hand and make really expressive drawings that remind me of Kathe Kollwitz. He shys away from traditional materials in his drawings, often he just grabs what's at hand, felt markers, ballpoint pens, and goes for it... With great results. For more about Robert Hugh Hunt and his work, just link here...

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